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Zired Compressed Air Storage Device

Zired Compressed Air Storage Device is long-term energy storage that stores energy based on the compession imposed on air. This type of energy is also called potential energy.

The device is powered from various eco-sources and initially uses a Zired compressor to force air into a tank. This is how potential energy is created. The resulting compressed air then drives another Zired motor, which in turn gradually converts the stored potential energy into electricity via an electrical generator. Only environmentally friendly and 100% sustainable materials are used for the entire construction, e.g. iron, concrete and ceramics. Storage capacities of up to 5 GWh in absolute values and up to 10 GWh retrospectively can be achieved.


Zired Compressed Air Storage Device has the following characteristics:

1. Electricity production on demand
2. Low cost construction
3. It is possible to have variable energy storage and stable 24/7 power
    generation at the same time
4. If renewable energy is not available for some time, Zired Compressed Air Storage device will
    continue to produce electricity for several days, weeks or even months
    (depending on storage capacity and daily consumption)
5. The Zired compressors or motors used weigh only about 100 to 200 kg each
6. A self-sufficient power supply is quite feasible
7. The simplified design of the Zired Compressed Air Storage Device makes it robust,
    relatively easy to build, and requires very little maintenance
8. Much better value for money
9. 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly construction
    without toxic substances and expensive materials



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