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The Challenge

The Challenge

is to start living in the near future with much less combustion energy

Gradually, but constantly, a growing number of people are convinced that the energy generation from renewable sources is the only way to solve our energy problems sustainably and in an eco-friendly manner. In the course of time, all of the other energy sources have proved to be unsuitable or even harmful.
The reason for that is simple: The global population is constantly growing. We need more and more energy and we are forced to exploit the resources of the earth. Thereby, among other things, we change the environmental conditions on our planet profoundly (gases and other substances). For example, let us look at the incineration sector:
The IEA (International Energy Agency) quoted a worldwide daily consumption of about 85 million barrels of oil in 2012 - with increasing tendency. In addition to that, there is the coal and gas combustion.

The resources are dwindling more and more and the carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions are rapidly growing. Actually, the expelling of CO₂ is for the Earth a problem among others, but it can be for us humans extremely dangerous. It is highly likely that we won't have any clean air to breathe in several decades, and we will probably have to suffer from a lack of oxygen.

Manmade climate change is here, and the list of problems attributable to our excessive use of combustion energy is enormously long.To solve all these problems, we need to make renewable energy generation  more efficient and environmentally friendly...

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Zired engine (European Patent No. EP3943710B1) Climate change can only be stopped by the right innovations! That's why we just started (08.2021) to build the most powerful, effective, efficient and environmentally friendly air motor in the world for use in medium and large vehicles. This engine is built using only sustainable and environmentally friendly materials (such as steel) and is powered by compressed air. Pure air flows from the exhaust of the engine.                


The Solution


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Photovoltaic with lens air bus

Windmill & water storage

 Windmill & air storage


Investors or partners wanted!

Be a true pioneer and invest
into new 100% green technologies.
We are a small technical office, specialized
in the construction of renewable energy plants,
mechanical storage and the strongest most
environmentally friendly and cost-effective
car engine in the world.
In all our innovations we use a revolutionary in-house
development: the Zired motor.
 This engine can work
bidirectional as a compressor, pump or motor
and all that from the first turn.

The best and the fastest way to stop climate change
is to invest in our innovations.

For further information, please contact:
Optimetron ®


We need your help in reducing CO2 emissions.
Spread our ideas or donate,
so that we can produce and further
develop these innovative products.

Each donation gets a double value as a voucher 


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