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 The solution

From an energetic and ecological perspective, it would be a good solution if solar and wind energy could also be stored at the respective collection points. This solution could be further improved if the energy stored at the collection points could then be converted into electricity at the same location. In short: The most effective, economical, and ecological solution would be the ability to collect, store, and consume renewable energy sources in the same place.

Of course, we all know that homes, buildings, shops, and factories are energy-intensive places. On the other hand, Zired's inventions are completely ecological. With their help, cities, villages, and industrial areas, which are all places of consumption, could also be converted into places of electricity production. In this way, a level of self-sufficiency of 30 to 100 percent could be achieved. This would enable us to achieve our goal of reducing total combustion energy by around 60 percent. The advantages of such a constellation are as follows:


  1. No electricity transport losses, no new power lines have to be built
  2. Maximize energy storage and increase energy production
  3. No energy supply costs and conflicts. Renewable energy sources are free and always deliver
  4. A 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly construction
  5. A structure that gives us absolute energy and mobility independence while protecting nature from wind farms and photovoltaic systems



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