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The Energy Self-Sufficient House

The realization of a self-sufficient house plays a central role in our concept. Such a house or building combines the most important points of our doctrine, which are as follows: the energy from the sun and wind must, if possible, be collected, stored, converted into electricity, and consumed in the same place.

With the highly efficient, quiet, and extremely environmentally friendly Zired compressor and Zired motor, we have succeeded in transforming houses, buildings, and factories into autonomous production and consumption units of electrical energy with a self-sufficiency of 60 to 100 percent.

Such a constellation is highly efficient and has the following advantages:

- Hardly any transport losses.

- Storage eliminates energy fluctuations.

- Energy is stored 24/7, and no renewable energy is lost.

- Generate electricity as needed "on demand" and simultaneously fill a car's tank with Zired engine with compressed air.

- Electricity produced that was not consumed can be stored again.

- Under certain conditions, it is possible to have stable electricity generation for up to two months, even without having sun and wind.


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