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Zired as an engine

Zired engineZired is a new rotary displacement machine (European patent). The engine can rotate in either direction (left or right), and the rotor blades (vanes) are opened or closed by the rotor itself with an accuracy of 10 μm. The movable ceramic seals with variable contact pressure (patented) ensure optimal sealing of the chambers. The engine impresses with its ingeniously simple design consisting of only eighteen different, easy-to-construct components (plus ball bearings and seals). Ten of them are moving and eight are fixed. The same device can, but does not have to, be used as a motor, pump or compressor without modification. This means that one device has an enormous variety of possible applications.

As an engine, the device behaves exactly like an electric motor, but the electric motor can only be driven by electricity (electromagnetism). The Zired motor, on the other hand, can be driven with liquids or gases (also steam). The rotational speed is directly proportional to the flow of the drive medium.


The biggest advantages of the Zired engine over internal combustion engines and electric motors are the following:

   1. Better torque behavior in slow and fast revolutions
   2. Better temperature behavior
   3. The same Zired motor can deliver up to 12000 Nm of torque
       without changing its design (weighs about 90 kg). On the other hand,
        similar electric or internal combustion engines have to be much
        larger to deliver the same torque
(they weigh several tons)

   4. The Zired engine has almost the same efficiency as an electric
and is therefore far better than an internal combustion engine

   5. When the axis is blocked (e.g., when the load is too great), the Zired motor
       has a low temperature rise and very little energy is lost. The opposite happens
       with an electric motor;it loses all energy in the form of heat and must be switched off immediately.

   6. The Zired engine is made from only eco-friendly and 100% recyclable materials
       (steel alloys and ceramics)


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