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The Challenge

is whether people will be able to live with significantly less combustion energy in the near future


More and more people are convinced that generating electricity from renewable energy sources is the only way to meet our rapidly growing energy needs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. All other energy sources have proven over time to be unsuitable, expensive, or even harmful. The reason for this is simple: the world population is constantly increasing. We need more and more fossil energy, and we are doing everything from exploitation to extortion to war to secure the world's necessary energy resources. The result is alarming because at the same time we are continuously and profoundly affecting the environmental balance by constantly changing the composition of the substances on our planet.

For example, consider the area of combustion. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates global daily consumption of around 97 million barrels of oil in 2022, and the trend is rising. Furthermore, we must not forget that the burning of coal and natural gas contributes even more to the emissions of burning oil. Resources are becoming increasingly scarce and exhaust emissions are increasing to an unimaginable extent. Since the release of various combustion gases is not a problem for the Earth, it can be extremely dangerous for all living things, including us. It is very likely that in a few decades we will no longer have clean air to breathe and will probably suffer from a lack of oxygen.
Anthropogenic imbalances are real, and the list of difficulties arising from excessive use of combustion energy is long. Added to this are the costs, the wars, and the environmental destruction that we cause to develop the necessary fossil resources. To solve all these problems, we must succeed in gradually reducing energy production from fossil sources by at least 60%.

However, this reduction should not be achieved through bans and austerity measures or through half-solutions. Ultimately, radical new thinking is required. The solution we propose follows the combined path of technical innovation and the selection of exceptional resources.



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