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Zired as a pump

The Zired pump works similarly to a piston pump (also called a handle pump), except that it moves in a circular manner. As a piston pump is pulled up to pump and suck in and pushed down to repeat, the Zired pump continuously rotates in a perfect circle. This allows liquids or gases (fluids) to be sucked in and conveyed at the same time. Pumping is not speed dependent, allowing the Zired pump to pump at just one revolution per minute. There are no problems with dry running.


Our first prototype dates back to 2014                             













As a pump, the Zired device offers six key benefits:
1. It can pump at only one revolution per minute (1-600 rpm)
2. It has slightly better temperature behavior than conventional pumps
3. It can be speed regulated
4. It has a very low noise level
5. Pump volume of fluids is directly proportional to revolutions

6. The Zired-pump is made only from environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable materials - steel alloys and ceramics.






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