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In order to cope with this inevitable and significant reduction in the use of combustion energy, and at the same time to be able to replace this cut with renewable energy sources, I was convinced that we must do the following things:
First of all, we should significantly increase the amount of energy collected from ecological resources. The entire process must be made more efficient and environmentally friendly. But that will only be possible if we finally succeed in creating versatile, efficient, long-lasting and one-hundred-percent environmentally friendly energy storage devices.

On the basis of all the given preconditions, and after many years of research and experimentation, I have finally succeeded in developing an overall concept that I believe will lead to a revival of ecological energy production, and at the same time, it will lay the foundation for a life with significantly less combustion energy.

In order to achieve all of this, I believe we need to do four things:

1. Air should be the first choice as a raw material for mobility and energy storage

2. Sun and wind should be the first choices for renewable energy resources.

    Sunlight exists eternally and in innumerable quantities, as does the wind, which is actually generated by it.

3. For energy storage, the potential form of energy should be the first choice (Compressed Air or Gravity Storage) 

Potential energy is one of the oldest, but certainly the most environmentally friendly, types of energy, since it only changes the form and not the material composition of the environment.

4. Newly collected renewable energy is to be directly stored and then converted into electrical energy.


In other words:

renewable energies should first be stored in potential energy and then converted into electricity


Creating an efficient energy storage device is essential as it primarily allows us partial independence from the sun or wind when one or both are not active. In addition, energy fluctuations that renewable energy sources inevitably bring with them can be smoothed out easily and almost loss-free during the storage process.

Independently of the storage activity, it is also possible to simultaneously draw stable energy from storage (if some energy is already stored) and use it to drive a normal generator that produces electricity without fluctuations. Depending on the size of the energy storage, it is possible to produce electricity even if the sun or the wind does not shine or blow for several days, weeks or even months.


The advantages of such a constellation are the following:

1. A radical reduction in combustion gases

2. Effectiveness in all areas of energy storage and increased electricity generation.

3. The simplification of power plants; the producers of wind turbines in particular will benefit from this concept.

4. By storing renewable energy first, we can simultaneously increase energy yield and achieve better stabilization,
and control of the entire process; from energy harvesting to the power grids. In addition, with 24/7 energy
, we can significantly increase the amount of green energy collected.

5. The decentralized location of storage facilities does not require the construction of new power lines to transport green

6. A simple central control of storage and production facilities via a TCP/IP-based network minimizes the risk of a power 

7. A very economical and ecological concept in every respect

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