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Our philosophy

Do you know what the best resource in the world is? I don't think it's that easy to guess. Nevertheless, according to the ancient Greeks, this resource is one of the four elements of the world and is also necessary for the survival of all organisms. Yes, air is the best resource on planet Earth. It is well known that air does not need to be mined, drilled, manufactured, processed or transported. Air is omnipresent, a gift from nature and available in abundance. So there is no reason to argue about who owns the air. However, the best and most important property of air is that it can absorb or release mechanical energy (potential energy) countless times without tiring, changing its composition or losing its quality. The last property of air inspired me and at the same time encouraged me to develop devices that can make optimal use of the property of energy absorption and release.

The patented Zired device is able to store energy in the form of warm compressed air almost silently and extremely efficiently. The same Zired device, this time in engine mode, can then convert the stored energy back into cold air, thus setting a car or generator in motion. I recommend that you thoroughly compare all the world's fuels. You will be surprised by the clear advantages of compressed air over other fuels, especially in terms of the environment, procurement costs and sustainability. We have actually managed to extract the most effective and environmentally friendly fuel in the world from the air. Yes, indeed, our invention can make compressed air the best fuel of the future.

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