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Windmill & water storage

Energy storage system1 for horizontal or vertical wind turbines

Example plant: Horizontal wind turbine with three rotor blades

         • Storage medium: water (or low viscosity liquids)
         • Tower height: 120m
         • Rotor diameter: 80m
         • Rotor revolutions: approx. 17-25 rpm
         • 2 x transmissions: 1:10 and 1:50
         • 2 x water tank 1.8
• 1 x Zired motor as water engine (torque from first turn): 4

         • 1 x Zired motor as water pump (pumps from the first revolution): 5
         • 2 x Zired engine as hydraulic pump (power transmission from the first revolution): 2,3
• 1 x commercial power generator: 7


         • 1 x Zired motor as water pump (pumps from the first revolution): 6
         • 1 x electric motor with gearbox: 6

Wind turbine with external water storage

Wind turbine with external water storage




Wind turbine with internal water storage

Wind turbine with internal water storage




1. Registered for utility model

2. Power optimization features 

Power optimization is achieved either with the “Electricity on Demand” function or with the “Recursive Pump” function or both.    


Electricity on demand

Simply put, if there is no demand for electricity, then power production is at a standstill. This function only makes sense for small power grids with up to four households. This saves water resources.

Recursive pump

With this function, the power production runs continuously. In the event that the power grid is not fully loaded, with the remaining energy, an additional Zired engine in water pump operation is driven by an electric motor, which pumps the water back into the storage tank. For example, when electricity is produced at night, but is not or is little used. The electricity is then not lost, but is used to pump up and store the used water again.

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