Windmill & air storage

We proudly present the first wind turbine worldwide with integrated energy storage. This wind turbine is a zired-motorrevolution, because energystorage is simple and 100% environment-friendly. The wind energy is stored through the Zired engine in the form of compressed air.

We can integrate our compressed air accumulators into every wind turbine that exists on the market. No matter what type or size of windmill you want to order. Through profound design changes to the wind turbine we are creating a completely new product that is much more efficient and cheaper in any case than the original you wanted to order.

This new product can only be produced in cooperation with your wind turbine supplier!

This cooperation guarantees you that at the end you will get a wind turbine with the following characteristics:


  As you can see in the picture, only three components are needed:

The wind turns the upper Zired engine, which works as a compressor, with variable revolutions (due to the wind) and fills the compressed air tank (like the balloon in the video bottom left of the homepage). The compressed air tank stretches down to the foundation of the Windmill (200 m3 liters volume and 25 bar pressure). On the ground there is a second Zired engine, which this time works as a compressed air motor and drives  a normal generator with fixed revolutions, which provides stable current, even if the upper Zired engine (compressor) does not turn because of calm. The generator can also be switched off as desired and the possibly blowing wind is still not getting lost. It can be saved as compressed air for later use.
As you see in this constellation, nothing gets lost, except compression heat and expansion cooling (compressor and motor operation). But for both of them there is still a possibility to either balance each other or exploit them!

Example wind turbine

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