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Photovoltaic with lens


Example plant: photovoltaic with lens and water storage

photovoltaic with lens and water storage

   1. 2 x water tank -1- and -12-, height difference at least 30m
   2. 1 x Zired motor as water engine -2- (torque from the first turn)
   3. 1 x commercial power generator -3-
   4. 1 x counterweight -4-
   5. 1 x Zired motor as water pump -5- (pumps from the first turn)
   6. 1 x gear 1:10
   7. 1 X control unit -7-
   8. 1 x water reservoir for the evaporator -8-
   9. 1 X Zired motor as steam engine -9- (torque from first turn)
   10. 1 x heat exchanger -10-
   11. 1 X Evaporator -11- (focus -15-)
   12. Storage medium water (or low viscosity liquids)
   13. 1 x burning glass -13- Ø 1.4 m
   14. 1 X Zired engine as water pump (pumps from the first revolution) + 1 X electric motor -14- with gearbox


• 100% self-sufficient power supply

• Simple, robust and cost-effective wind turbine design
• 100% eco-friendly technology
• Low maintenance
• Power optimization features2 (option)
• 24 hours a day stable power production with a commercial power generator
• Uninterrupted and stable power production even with up to four weeks without sun (prerequisite: a pool of at least 10000 m3 volume and either or both functions for optimizing power consumption)

• It requires the construction of a water basin, outside the photovoltaic, with at least 30m difference in height

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