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Energy Storage Systems


Innovations Description

Energy storageThe Demands
It is well known that storing and transporting electricity is difficult, not always environmentally friendly, and accompanied by significant losses. Furthermore, these renewable energies cause new problems for the electricity producers.
All of these problems could be avoided by storing the produced energy in the place where it is generated, so that it wouldn't be necessary to fed it immediately into the grid. It would be even better, if it were possible for the grid operators to control all of the stored power in a coordinated manner and at a time when it is needed.

The Target
Our target was and is the removal of the subjunctive from the previous sentences. We can reach it by the development of an effective, flexible, environmentally friendly, and most of all, cost effective power storage device. This power storage device offers the operator the choice to be connected to the electricity grid and to feed the produced energy into it any time. In this manner, the grid operators can individually activate the current output from every storage device. In this manner, every shortage or abundance of power can be solved, locally and efficiently. Thereby, the transport routes of power are shortened as well.

The 3E Storage Device
There will be two types of our storage devices. The mode of operation of the two devices is the same. Merely the storage medium is either liquid e.g. (water), or gaseous (e.g. compressed air).

The most important Features of the 3E Storage Device are:
1. Our storage devices mainly use water or compressed air as a storage medium.

2. Every storage device is equipped with at least two, very efficient Zired motors - compressor/pump (see Zired motor).
3. Both types have a market standard three-phase generator, which produces stable power at a fixed speed.
4. Every device type is equipped with a touch screen panel and it has three operating modes: manual, automatic and remotely controlled.
5. Individual adaptations to existing wind turbines/solar plants are possible.
6. Different sizes of Zired motors and water tank/pressure vessels.

The most important advantages
1. Private producers of renewable energies can supply themselves completely independently under certain preconditions.
2. Both types work almost noiselessly, and the two Zired motors ensure the independent operation of storage and production.
3. It can be freely decided when the power is fed into the electricity grid.
4. Three different possibilities can be freely chosen: Private use, the feed into the electricity grid or the storage.
5. The cooperation between the power producers of renewable energies and grid operators provides for a more efficient regulation of the supply and demand of power.
6. A very compact and effective device; with adjustments, it can be installed in every plant, and thereby it offers big advantages for private users and enterprises.
7. The construction of wind turbines can be simplified. Other types of wind turbines can be deployed as well (e.g. Savonius, H-Rotor) also for urban use.
8. Both devices are user friendly and easy to handle. They can be used without any special knowledge or skills.

Functional Description
Both storage devices use the same principle. First, the wind or the solar energy is stored as potential energy by the Zired motor (pump / compressor operation). During the storage process, it isn't important that the Zired motor rotates constantly; even if it doesn't, potential energy will be stored efficiently.  Immediately, or at a later point in time, this energy can be converted to electric power by a second Zired motor (motor operation) that drives a three-phase generator with stable rotations.


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